Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

Our apartment 

After a nice trip in Oulu, Tomi drove us to our apartment. It was already very late, and we were very tired. The only thing we already unpacked was my router, so we could contact our (girl)friends and family!


Contact us!

Today we went to some shops with Tomi. The first thing we did was go get a Finnish sim-card. 


Final destination: Oulu

Our blog ended in Helsinki yesterday… Finally I’ve some time to describe the first hours in Oulu. Before we got off the plane, we had a little talk with the pilot. Here’s a picture! 🙂 After we picked up our luggage. We searched our Peer Tutor Tomi at the airport. After we found him he drove us…

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Second stop: Helsinki

Finally we touched the Finnish ground! The weather is not very cold as we expect… 1 degree celsius. It’s snowing outside. After we got our boarding passes and settled us at the gate. We’ve got some coffee and are in total ZEN mode! The Finnish people at the airport are very quiet. What I didn’t…

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First stop: London !

I didn’t get a lot of sleep but we arrived safely at our first stop: London !

Bags are packed! Ready to go!

Packing the bags was not exactly an easy task. Eager to bring everything with me, the first attempt failed at 45kg. Since I can only bring 23kg, I had to make some difficult decisions .  It became clear that I had underestimated my needs for 6 months (I even tried to put my girlfriend in my…

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You think it’s cold in Belgium ?

It’s getting cold in Belgium, but also in Oulu. The temperatures are already dropping 30 degrees below zero! Brrr

Happy Holidays!

We wish everyone Happy Holidays! See you next year!!


Last day at school in Belgium

Thursday, December 18 was the last day on our campus for two exchange students Bernd and Tom. However, we couldn’t let this go unnoticed and we celebrated with an exuberant waffles bake in our campus. Hyvää ruokahalua!

Northern lights @Oulu

A picture of an Aurora last night over Kuivasjärvi, Oulu! Already looking forward to see this! (7/12/2014)


Fun Facts about Finland

Some facts you would like to know about Finland! More facts will be added soon…

The countdown has officially begun

Only a few weeks till we leave Belgium and travel to Oulu in Finland. Preparations are running smooth. We’re getting ready for our trip with some facts about Finland. Check this article!


Travel to Finland

Some facts about our travel to Finland!  

The first big steps…

The 3rd of January is coming closer every day and we already making some nice advances! We are getting everything ready from motivation-letter (see below) and Learning agreement to insurance and flights. We will be starting our Erasmus with a good adventure because we will have to make three transfer-flights to get in Oulu! ERASMUS: Letter…

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