Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey


Final presentation!

On the 21st of May we had our final presentation. We really worked very hard, starting from scratch to put some intelligence in the device that you use the most in your kitchen! In this way we made the ‘Smart Fridge’ possible!

Hard work paid off and our presentation was a BLAST!
Our projectmanagers were more than satisfied and even invited all the teachers (after showing it to the vice-director of the university).

We also get an International Certificate for this project, including the following comment:

“We challenged the students with a blank project.
In this way they had to figure out how to select their own technologies, perform research and do we put the self-education to the maximum!
They really used a professional approach, like in real business-environments (for ex. Gantt, Scrum and GIT).
Both embedded as software-side delivered an outstanding end result and presentation.
We couldn’t be more satisfied with what they established.”

Nice feedback on our project was also Instagramed by one of the managers! (Click here to view)

We learnt so much due to this project; both on topic and off topic, used and unused technologies, awesome and more awesome experiences.

On the 16th of June we will also give a presentation of this in Belgium to show our lectors what we’ve been doing!

What started at this table, came out to be the Smart Fridge! 
2015-01-22 11.17.32


Tom • 27 mei 2015

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    timdams 27 mei 2015 - 00:18 Reply

    Dikke, dikke proficiat!

    • Tom 27 mei 2015 - 00:30 Reply

      Bedankt! Het was/is een echte ervaring!

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