Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

Guess who’s back as a surprise!

After spending my last weeks in Oulu I secretly headed back to Belgium.
Only a few people knew I already landed the 30th of May, instead of the 6th of June!

All this was of course part of surprising my unsuspecting girlfriend.
I told her I had to sleep a bit longer because of the days without darkness,
but actually I hadn’t slept at all!

I was already taking a cab to the airport of Oulu to take my flight to Helsinki when I sent her a picture of the day before, to make sure she didn’t expect anything.

When my second plane arrived in Brussels my best mate and my brother were waiting for me.
(I owe you, Jonas Asselberg and Gert Mampaey. Kiitos!)

When I got home a warm welcome of my family was already waiting!
2015-05-30 12.06.00 Capture4

I was already very excited to surprise my girlfriend, so I called her mom to let her know the good news. She also was very thrilled about it.

When she told me she was almost going to shower, I just had enough time to fix the last things for the big event!
2015-05-30 14.12.42

The plan was a great success! You should have seen her face!

To make the day even more perfect it was also the wedding of my niece that day!
So we went together and I could also see my whole family again.

It could’t have been better!

The day after I had a small slideshow of all my pictures.
I also brought lots of stuff and souvenirs to give/show them.
They could even taste real Finnish reindeer, moose, candy,…
But also liqueurs and Russian cocktails!

My ‘family in law’ also invited me to have a delicious Italian dinner in the city after a nice aperitif!
It was so great to see everyone again!

I miss Oulu, Finland, Otokyla, the amazing Erasmus students,…
But I’m glad to be back too!

Now I only have to ‘Finnish’ the administrative parts,  the presentation in Belgium,… and  it’s all over. Busy days in Belgium, that’s for sure!



Tom • 4 juni 2015

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