Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

Long time no see !

Hi there ! It almost got a little boring here, right? This could be because of two reasons. Either we were really doing fun-stuff and couldn’t find the time to post anything about it, or we are in the middle of exams/schoolwork! … Well, actually it was both !

We really had some busy weeks. We had some important project-meetings for our Bachelor- thesis (coming soon!), Osako and ESN-events (for exampke a crazy Sauna-night), taking care of accommodation-contracts and student/sports-cards,… But most of all; we had two exams last week! Because the school-year starts early in Finland we had to do the exams of our courses from Belgium in Finland too! On top of this we had to go to mandatory courses of the Finnish Survival course (see Hyvää päivää, mitä kuuluu) and had a second project-meeting the day before our last exam.

We had one exam on Monday. This was one of the craziest exam-experiences of my life ! We did our EXAM in the RESTAURANT of the HOTEL where our Belgian docents (Mr.Dams, Mr.Peeters and Mr.Masset) were staying for a short week.
It really was a funny experience and we had a free cup of coffee and a little meet and greet with our docents too!

Capture2015-01-19 09.25.29CaptureCapture2
(Hotel Cumulus in the center of Oulu)

The day after our first exam we went to see the semifinal of Ice-Hockey (yes, our docents were there too). It was a very nice match and we won (4 – 2) ! But unfortunately not eligible anymore to play the finals.

Our second exam was last Friday (23/01/15). This exam was under supervision of some Finnish docents (Our docents already went back to “the warm country”). Two days before we had to do that exam we were studying late. When we were thinking to go to bed my phone made a strange sound. I checked it, and it was a notification of the NORTHERN LIGHT RADAR !!! We immediately jumped out to the window and saw a little green shine. We were very excited and ran outside with all of our cameras, tripods,… We biked to a field nearby to get a good view.

That’s when it happened ! A huge and beautiful aurora appeared on the horizon!! It really was breathtaking ! It looks so unreal, but yet, we were standing in front of it !
Because of ‘the moment’ and the huge excitement the (intense) aurora already left when we tried to make a picture.
But this is already small tease ! (The good-ones will follow after our trip to Lapland in March)


Something else very important I did last week, was arranging my flight and residence to meet my girlfriend in Helsinki ! We booked a small studio near the center from 29/01 till 03/02! My girlfriend will take the plane after she has done her last exam in Belgium! (If you are reading this: GoGoGoo Raketje! You can do it!).
It’s going to be amazing and we’re counting the days 😉
2015-01-15 23.11.372015-01-16 00.03.582015-01-16 18.24.382015-01-24 00.14.00

I also made a very good deal for a new bike here to cruise around and go to the center,shops, parties etc. I proudly present you:
2015-01-22 21.51.49

Some more random pics:
2015-01-21 00.20.332015-01-19 11.28.002015-01-22 21.51.502015-01-23 18.30.48

So it were very busy days! The party-people of our building asked a few times why we couldn’t join (all of) the parties yet. But I’m sure we will make it up to them !


Tom • 24 januari 2015

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