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Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

‘Science Fiction’ in the ‘Smart Kitchen’

Most of the time we were posting  about our  trips and the things we did beside school. Actually one of our main activities is working on our big project: ‘The Smart Fridge’!
(Sounds awesome right?)

In best-case-scenario this fridge will(*):
– Recognize the user
– Know which products that are present in/added to the fridge
– Detect your weight and height to calculate your BMI
– Indicate which food is good for you with colorful leds
– Give you recipes you can make whith the products you have
– Know different temperatures
– Have a smart serial bus-system and connection to the internet.
– Give you the option to see your data on your phone or tablet too
–  …

And a lot more! (or less 😀 ) But in the end the ordinary fridge will be a lot smarter than the dumb fridge it is now! You can view some mockups of the GUI by clicking here.

The smart fridge is the first (sub-)project of the project ‘Smart Kitchen’ called ‘Seesam’.
This bigger project has a duration of two years and its goal is to add very smart intelligence to a complete kitchen,exclusively made by international students.
We have the privilege to be the first two students to contribute to this project.

The second team that was added to the project are two Koreans. They will try to make the smart table. To work on this project we get everything we need, and more, in our own personal lab in OAMK University of engineering!
2015-02-18 11.04.53 2015-02-18 11.04.29

We also have the amazing capabilities to experiment, test and even play with lots of (new) technologies and systems we may, or may not, use for our project.
Anyway it was already very instructive and interesting to experiment/play with!
Some examples are: PCB/SMD-design, 3D-printing, ASUS Xtion PRO, Kinnect, all kind of sensors, Wireless communication systems, Serial Bus-systems, NFC, RFID, Ultrasonic waves, Holograms, … etc.
2015-02-18 11.02.34 2015-02-19 12.03.24
2015-02-27 12.43.29 11015489_781651551921625_822255035_n

Due to this project I also had the chance to make my first and successful SMD-board (smallest electronic circuits like in your smartphones and laptops). The size of components I work with look something like this (through microscope)

2015-02-24 10.52.15 2015-02-24 10.46.33
2015-02-24 11.52.22 2015-02-23 14.24.50

I also actually learnt to drink coffee here, not only because I “need” it sometimes but also for the very usual habit here in Finland.

We are very thrilled about this project (at least I am) and it’s a very pleasant cooperation with the international students and project-managers.
2015-01-22 11.17.32

*remark: these are just ideas we have and can/will change according to the flow of the process.

FYI: We got our results of our Finnish exam on 18/02/2015 and we BOTH PASSED with style. (yes, you can be proud..)



Tom • 28 februari 2015

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