Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

Countdown has started!

Only one week left for our Final presentation in Finland! We are working hard to ‘finnish’ our project!

Hockey Playoffs 2015

De hockey ploeg van Oulu, Kärpät, speelt momenteel mee in de Playoffs 2015. Oulu speelt momenteel de finale tegen Tampere. Wat is een Playoff? Zijn verschillende ploegen die 7 wedstrijden tegen elkaar spelen (best of seven) nu speelt Oulu 7 wedstrijden tegen Tampere. Bekijk hier alle uitslagen. Enkele leuke sfeerfilmpjes van de Playoffs! Oulun Kärpät…

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The Oulun Beach in Winter

Today, we went to the Oulu beach. Every summer the Fins have there morning swim, but now you can walk around the beach and the sea is like in a desert, white sand as long you can see. The path to the beatch was iced-over and slippery. The beach was snowy and the sea was…

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Ice Hockey game at Oulun Energia Areena

On the 7th of January a very large audience gathered a novel contest on the ice between Oulun Kärpät and Pelicans Lahti. The game of hockey on ice is the national sport in Finland. In the Oulun Energia Areena there is place for an audience of 6.768 people. We went to the game. It started…

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Fun Facts about Finland

Some facts you would like to know about Finland! More facts will be added soon…

The countdown has officially begun

Only a few weeks till we leave Belgium and travel to Oulu in Finland. Preparations are running smooth. We’re getting ready for our trip with some facts about Finland. Check this article!