Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey


When you don’t have any money anymore to go to the shop you will have to go on the ice to catch some fish! A couple of weeks ago I went Ice-hole-fishing with some friends on a frozen (of course) river/lake nearby. We did it for the experience and because it’s a really typical Finnish…

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The Oulun Beach in Winter

Today, we went to the Oulu beach. Every summer the Fins have there morning swim, but now you can walk around the beach and the sea is like in a desert, white sand as long you can see. The path to the beatch was iced-over and slippery. The beach was snowy and the sea was…

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After we had thrown a cup of water outside at minus 22(1)and saw the effect we couldn’t resist to try it big-scale ! Yes, with a bucket: (click to enlarge) (1) We also added a nice extra feature to our tunning-mood-lighting in our apartment: Smartphone-controlled apartmentlights – Oulu, Finland from Tom Mampaey on Vimeo. Something else…

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