Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey


Final presentation!

On the 21st of May we had our final presentation. We really worked very hard, starting from scratch to put some intelligence in the device that you use the most in your kitchen! In this way we made the ‘Smart Fridge’ possible! Hard work paid off and our presentation was a BLAST! Our projectmanagers were more…

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Countdown has started!

Only one week left for our Final presentation in Finland! We are working hard to ‘finnish’ our project!

Things I have been doing

You’re right, it has been a while again, and I really did A LOT! I’m already getting the feeling that time is shortening and I’m using/living every minute of it! Some things I did/that happened since my last post: Project work: ‘The Smart Fridge’ It speaks for itself (dunglish? 😀 ) that I’m working hard on my project…

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‘Science Fiction’ in the ‘Smart Kitchen’

Most of the time we were posting  about our  trips and the things we did beside school. Actually one of our main activities is working on our big project: ‘The Smart Fridge’! (Sounds awesome right?) In best-case-scenario this fridge will(*): – Recognize the user – Know which products that are present in/added to the fridge – Detect…

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