Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

The first big steps…

The 3rd of January is coming closer every day and we already making some nice advances!
We are getting everything ready from motivation-letter (see below) and Learning agreement to insurance and flights. We will be starting our Erasmus with a good adventure because we will have to make three transfer-flights to get in Oulu!

ERASMUS: Letter of motivation – Oulu, Finland

With this letter I hope to have the chance to go on Erasmus to Oulu (Finland) in 2015. It was always a dream for me to study in a completely different country with another culture and feel how it is like to go to school and study with new people with a different language, habits and lifestyle.

In secondary school, I always took the chance to go on a European project like Comenius. With this project I already went to Spain, Germany and Italy for several weeks. I have met a lot of friends there with whom I still have contact with. I never had any regrets for the weeks I spend on Comenius.

Of course the Erasmus-project is a little bit bigger than the Comenius-projects but it is a challenge I really would like to take! Not only to proof to myself that I can take care of myself, but also for the adventure, the people, the amazing nature, my English, the studies and most of all: the experience.

When you leave your life-style behind for 6 months there are always some sacrifices you will have to make. For example; I am the head of the organization of the annually SanLuce Summer-Festival, I am leader at the boy scout; where I also did some European camps to Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro,… etc. and of course family, friends and home. But I am really convinced that it is worth it!

Tuur Zegels, a good friend of mine, was one of the first students of Artesis (Plantijn) to go on Erasmus to Finland. He showed me many pictures, video’s and told me a lot about the country and studies. He strongly recommended me to just step on the plane and go to Finland for 6 months.

For me it just feels like an amazing and very instructive experience! It is a once in a life time opportunity where I really would like to be part of.
I hope this letter gives me the chance to do this!

Kind regards,
Tom Mampaey
May 8 2014


Tom • 9 oktober 2014

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