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Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey

The perfect week in Helsinki!

I just had an amazing week. I took a plane to Helsinki to meet my girlfriend. After some research I found a flight for only €35 (and I had Free Wi-Fi onboard!!). My plane arrived one hour earlier than the plane of my girlfriend, so I had the time to already arrange the keys of our apartment and wait in the arrival-hall with a flower and a paper with her name :p
2015-01-16 00.03.58 2015-02-03 21.19.24

We had a studio in the center of Helsinki from ‘Citykoti Downtown Apartments’ (about one hour driving from the airport). It was a very very good deal and I would highly recommend it if you are planning to book a room in Helsinki. We had everything from a dishwasher and washing machine to a induction-plate, Free-Wifi-Router, towels and things like a waterboiler, an iron, a toaster, fridge,… More than everything we needed (inc. a perfect location), for a very good price!
2015-01-30 10.16.44 10968384_10204803373496926_1505861645715539014_n

It was just such a great week I can’t find the words to describe it. So I will try to say it with some photo’s below. We went to the Cathedral of Helsinki, the famous and huge Stockmann, the sea,…
2015-01-31 13.44.45 2015-01-31 15.18.05-2 2015-01-31 15.34.38 2015-01-31 15.52.50 2015-02-01 15.43.47 HDR 2015-02-02 14.40.38 2015-02-02 14.40.41 2015-02-03 10.06.32 2015-02-03 17.39.33 10968337_10204803375216969_1751800510647294934_n 10917880_10204803375696981_2336782996296221360_n 10968455_10204803376497001_8782471463375192649_n 1795629_10204803390817359_6292543183807724356_n 10425030_10204803391937387_1447184396770002975_n 10959427_10204803399017564_1048945257708997498_n 10432979_10204803404537702_9205432185660399896_n

We also went to the embassy of Belgium (quite an adventure) so I could get my Visa-Passport to make sure I don’t get killed on the Grand-RUSSIA-trip in April 😀 (to St.Petersburg, Novgorod and Moscow).

Our farewell couldn’t have been better. We took the Finnair-bus to the same terminal, where we dropped her luggage, and could take our time to say goodbye. We even had our gates next to eachother (18 and 19) ! Our planes were really standing side by side.  I had my flight one hour later so I could see her lift off… IF IT WASN’T TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE OFCOURSE ! I almost always had a perfect view of the plane of my girlfriend but it was standing still a few times. She texted me that there were some mechanical problems with the engine. They even drove some stairs back to the plane to get the technicians on-board. Fortunately they could fix it and her flight was only delayed about one hour. She really overcame her fears with style and I’m very proud of her.
2015-02-03 20.03.53 1377388_10204803400137592_2226346888538614533_n 10945545_10204803400257595_7457479679960390844_n 2015-02-03 18.38.56

We are already looking forward to the next visit.
Kiitos Sofie for this amazing week with you!



Tom • 5 februari 2015

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