Erasmus Oulu – Finland

Bernd Verhofstadt and Tom Mampaey


I’m almost graduated!!

The final presentation in Belgium is behind us. Here are some pictures. On the following link you can find the presention. Presentation Belgium I had an awesome time the last three years at the Artesis Plantijn University of Antwerp. The ERASMUS period that I had in Finland was a wonderful experience! A lot of snow…

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Guess who’s back as a surprise!

After spending my last weeks in Oulu I secretly headed back to Belgium. Only a few people knew I already landed the 30th of May, instead of the 6th of June! All this was of course part of surprising my unsuspecting girlfriend. I told her I had to sleep a bit longer because of the days without…

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Ultimate Frisbee(r) !

In my first weeks in Oulu I found this awesome Ultimate Frisbee club: Disquitos! After my first training I was already convinced that I was going to do this much more often. I ended up doing it more than once a week sometimes. The teammates were very nice and I have learned a lot from them (not…

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Final presentation!

On the 21st of May we had our final presentation. We really worked very hard, starting from scratch to put some intelligence in the device that you use the most in your kitchen! In this way we made the ‘Smart Fridge’ possible! Hard work paid off and our presentation was a BLAST! Our projectmanagers were more…

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Countdown has started!

Only one week left for our Final presentation in Finland! We are working hard to ‘finnish’ our project!

2015-04-17 19.27.01-1

Shooting some assault rifles, yeah!

On a random peaceful day out tutor, Tomi, called me with the question if we would like to shoot some real assault rifles at the Finnish Army-base. Well, I don’t have to tell you that we had to think about it. We just had to gave some passport numbers and we were ready to go!…

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2015-04-13 19.58.43


здравствуйте ! (zdrávstvujte) This trip was absolutely amazing! I don’t know where to start! Unforgettable! The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organised this trip to give us the opportunity to go to RUSSIA in a safe, easy, instructive but mostly AWESOME way! The planning was so full with amazing things that I can’t even articulate every -thing/day! Prepare yourself for…

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2015-03-31 12.25.44

Things I have been doing

You’re right, it has been a while again, and I really did A LOT! I’m already getting the feeling that time is shortening and I’m using/living every minute of it! Some things I did/that happened since my last post: Project work: ‘The Smart Fridge’ It speaks for itself (dunglish? 😀 ) that I’m working hard on my project…

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Hockey Playoffs 2015

De hockey ploeg van Oulu, Kärpät, speelt momenteel mee in de Playoffs 2015. Oulu speelt momenteel de finale tegen Tampere. Wat is een Playoff? Zijn verschillende ploegen die 7 wedstrijden tegen elkaar spelen (best of seven) nu speelt Oulu 7 wedstrijden tegen Tampere. Bekijk hier alle uitslagen. Enkele leuke sfeerfilmpjes van de Playoffs! Oulun Kärpät…

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Fins Diner met Tutor Tomi

We spreken regelmatig af met onze tutor in de sauna. In de sauna houden de Finnen de belangrijkste conversaties. Tomi had ons een leuk idee voorgesteld, hij wou iets fins klaarmaken voor vijf ERASMUS studenten. Hij wilde zijn kookkunsten graag tonen die hij van zijn familie heeft geleerd. Op de rendier boerderij van zijn ouders…

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Pirates of the Baltic Sea 2015 with ESN Oulu

In maart zijn we met ESN Oulu naar Stockholm geweest. Een leuke ervaring! Hier het verhaal. s’ Ochtends zijn we vertrokken vanuit Oulu naar Helsinki met de bus. Ongeveer 8uur… Vervolgens hebben we daar de boot genomen naar Stockholm. De route die we hebben afgelegd ziet er als volgt uit Enkele sfeerfoto’s van de boot…

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Tom Waes ziet noorderlicht en wordt emotioneel

Het noorderlicht staat bij velen op de bucket list, ook op die van Tom Waes. In zijn programma Reizen Waes gaat hij naar Spitsbergen een eiland boven Noorwegen. Het noorderlicht is er prachtig te bewonderen. Bekijk hieronder de fascinerende beelden. Ik heb zelf enkele pogingen gedaan om het noorderlicht te fotograferen, bekijk hieronder de selectie!


International diner!

Een tijdje geleden werd er een international diner georganiseerd in ons gebouw. De volgende landen zijn te zien op de foto: – België (jammer genoeg geen wafels maar pannenkoeken door een gebrek aan wafelijzer…) – Slovakije – Spanje – Tsjechië – Nederland – Hongarije – … Veel speciale smaken en zeker de moeite om eens…

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2015-02-11 21.57.41


You still have time for sports ? Yep, or at least I try to! Back in Belgium I did sports like rock and wall-climbing, Ultimate frisbee and Kayak-Polo. I think I found quite good replacements! Once a week I go play ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ in an awesome club nearby. The people are really great and we’re…

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Trip to the top of Europe: Vasatokka

A few days ago we got back from an amazing trip to the high North ! It was just so wonderful to travel through these amazing views and nature. We are very grateful to ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to organize this magnificent trip! Some awesome facts about my trip to the North!: In the parts we were,…

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‘Science Fiction’ in the ‘Smart Kitchen’

Most of the time we were posting  about our  trips and the things we did beside school. Actually one of our main activities is working on our big project: ‘The Smart Fridge’! (Sounds awesome right?) In best-case-scenario this fridge will(*): – Recognize the user – Know which products that are present in/added to the fridge – Detect…

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Less than one week after I left Helsinki some Belgian friends came to visit me. Ofcourse they know what’s good and the brought the right things with them:   They stayed in our apartment for a night so we could plan our roadtrip to the north!   We First drove to Kiruna in Sweden where we…

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When you don’t have any money anymore to go to the shop you will have to go on the ice to catch some fish! A couple of weeks ago I went Ice-hole-fishing with some friends on a frozen (of course) river/lake nearby. We did it for the experience and because it’s a really typical Finnish…

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